Cydia Download iOS 12, 12.1,12.2 Running Devices Free Cydia Install

Apple on Monday released the iOS 12 Public Beta. The release means if you’re willing to sign up for Apple’s beta program and don’t mind a few bugs and other odd things to happen when you download the operating system, you can experience the future today. But in order to actually get your hands on the iOS 12 Public Beta, it’ll take some work. So here’s a quick guide on how to get iOS 12 on your smartphone or tablet: Another day, another news for Jailbreak community. After the release of Electra Jailbreak for iOS 12 many users are reporting or facing iOS 12 Cydia Errors. On the other side, developers of Electra Jailbreak are trying to solve the issues. But unfortunately they can’t fix every error because Saurik is no more updating Cydia iOS 12.

 Download Cydia iOS 12

Download Cydia iOS 12

Getting all the results from different people, the most common issue is that users cant find their tweaks. For example, Bio Protect is one of the great tweak people wanna use on their phone. So, they can lock any application they want. But unfortunately, this tweak is not working with Electra Jailbreak. Like this tweak many popular tweaks are not working very well.

So, Electra Team have decided to release a new iOS 12 Install Cydia alternative which is Sileo. They are going to release this tool because it is most enhanced and improved for modern iOS version.

How to Install iOS 12 Cydia FREE! No Computer, Download Links

How to iOS 12 Download for iPhone and iPad without Mac and iTunes? It’s one of the most popular question for all who want to install last version iOS 12 beta after official iOS 12 keynote in June, 2018. We know that all who have iPhone and iPad can install first beat of new iOS 12 without developer account and iTunes.

The new iOS 12 will be presented at WWDC in June this year. The company intends to achieve maximum performance and environmental quality. If you take a look at the Cydia and open the homepage of iOS 12 Cydia Install, you can’t find it filled with tweaks. If you are a old Jailbroken user then you may also have noticed. Tweaks are missing on the front page and it’s totally feels empty.

Also, the new iPhone X is also not getting the full screen Cydia sometimes. This means Saurik is not updating the Cydia and all tweaks. However, Bigboss repo is also causing errors to many users which divert their attention to errors.

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1 Sileo – Compatible Devices and Support:
1.1 Sileo – Release Date and More
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Sileo – Compatible Devices and Support:
Sileo will support all the devices running iOS 11. Definitely, all the 64 bit devices will get the support. According to Electra iOS 12 Jailbreak team, they are not going to release it for iOS 10 running or older 32-bit devices. So, if you are on iOS 11.3.1 then be ready.

Sileo – Release Date and More
Electra Jailbreak team have mentioned that they are working on the Sileo package helper. They will release sileo with the next electra iOS 12 Jailbreak version.

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You can easily manage your packages like you do in Cydia. However, if you have purchased ant tweak over Cydia, you will get all your purchases over Sileo after the release. You will not find Cydia anymore with Electra Jailbreak.

Now that you’ve downloaded iOS 12, get ready for its many benefits, including improved performance. You’ll also be able to take advantage of some tweaks to some of its built-in apps, like Photos, and see for yourself just how obsessed you are with social media with a new tool for learning about how you use your device.

iOS 12 Jailbreak

iOS 12 Jailbreak

That’t all we have for you. I am not sure about iOS 12. We will see if Electra Jailbreak team find any vulnerability in the upcoming iOS. They will remove Cydia for that version too. However, they are also working for iOS 12 Jailbreak and definitely, you will find Sileo there too.

Now, if you have any questions, please ask me in the comment box. Are you waiting for Sileo? Share this news with your friends and let them know about this too.

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